Noah Wanyama; problem with Kenyan football is tribalism in hiring Kenyan coaches

The Francis Kimanzi-Nick Mwendwa-Ghost Mulee triangle was a trio that didn’t go down well with some sections of soccer fans, but it was approached with a lot of care. Nobody wanted to claim that Nick Mwendwa was practicing tribalism in the hiring of national team coaches. However, for the first time, a senior soccer personality has waded into the murky waters, calling out the federation for tribalism. Noah Wanyama, father to Victor Wanyama and McDonald Mariga, is now speaking out on the issue.

Noah Wanyama was speaking on KTN’s weekly show Wako Wapi which is hosted by Mary Atwoli-Kilobi, and digs up after previously famous people who have fallen off the radar, to find out what they’re now up to.

In the wide ranging interview, Wanyama claimed that one of the problems ailing football in the country is that a coach is appointed from one region of the country, and when that coach exits, he’s replaced by another coach from the same region of the country.

This was a clear and blunt shot at FKF who, a while back, replaced Francis Kimanzi with Jacob Ghost Mulee. Worth noting is that both come from the same place, and so does the federation president.

The older Wanyama who also spoke on the general state of football in the country said that a major problem in Kenya was the people entrusted with running football, and their experience, or rather, lack of it, in the field. He asserted that a much better scenario would be one where people who have had tangible success in the field are left to run such issues. He decried the current practice where people with zero experience at worst and limited experience at best, have been allowed to run football. On the issue of lack of fans in the pitches, he dismissed this with a story from the 70s about a musical concert. He recalled that there was a time people in the country were complaining of a shortage of fans in musical concerts. However, when the famous Congolese maestro Franco came over, auditoriums were busting at the seams trying to accommodate the endless streams of fans who kept pouring in. It is his belief that once local clubs offer quality football then fans will automatically flock the stadiums.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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