Nimrod Taabu makes political stand as country gets charged up

Citizen TV’s news anchor Nimrod Taabu is perhaps the most objective and professional top journalist in the country. His name rarely gets mired in cheap scandalous stories, and he has never conducted himself in a manner that would seem to bring shame or disrepute to the profession. However, in a turn that is not only shocking but unexpected, Nimrod Taabu, made a blatant display of partiality by choosing sides in the heated up political scene.

Nimrod, whose mother is the legendary television show host Alice Taabu, famed for her popular cooking show of the past century, Mke Nyumbani, made the surprising post on his Twitter handle.
Nimrod hinted that he would only respect the outcome of the forthcoming elections if the winner is either the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, or the current deputy president, William Ruto.
This is not only unprofessional, but unethical too, since next year’s polls are likely to have more than just two participants, and for a top journalist to make such a biased stand, is not only unacceptable but also goes against on the rules of standard journalism.

Media houses, and media personalities, are by law, required to be neutral and unbiased.
Nimrod communicated this when he retweeted a tweet by lawyer Steve Ogolla. The tweet read,

Nimrod Taabu Retweeted
Steve Ogolla
If Baba wins, we will support him. If Ruto wins, we will support him. Also, we’re not throwing stones, and we’re not dying for any politician. We vote. We go home. We stay there. Anything outside this, is stretching common sense to breaking point.

This comes hot on the heels of a statement by the One Kenya Alliance principals who launched a scathing attack on one of the country’s top media houses, accusing it of bias and practicing skewed reporting. This was following reports in some sections of the media that President Uhuru Kenyatta is trying to force Raila Odinga on all of the other opposition leaders.

Before journalism, Nimrod Taabu tried his hand in agriculture under his father’s guidance.
The prestigious CNN Award winner began his journey up to his rank in the year 2000 after graduation where he worked as a deputy reporter, then proceeded into a news anchor position, and a reporter for the national television station, KTN.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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