Nimejaribu nimechoka-Radio Jambo’s Gidi Gidi Reveals being denied access to his son by Baby Mama

Radio Jambo morning host Joseph Ogidi alias Gidi Gidi took his fans by surprise following his confession on his long time struggle with his baby Mama in his attempt to access and his son he sired with her.

While reacting to the Wasafi records CEO’s family photo with his South African-based beautypreneur and baby mama Zari Hassan Gidi Gidi made the shocking revelation noting that he has done what he could.

In his post, Gidi Gidi said that the photo of Chibu Dangote with his family together warmed his heart, while pouring out that he has gone through a lot in his attempt to access the son.

“This post has warmed my heart, I have another one who has refused access to my son, nimejaribu nimechoka. We men tunapitia mambo hapa nje but we just vumilia. Mungu mbele” wrote Gidi Gidi.

This is after Diamond Platnumz shortly linked up with his family during his trip to South Africa, days after landing in his Tanzanian home Country from the United States of America.

In an online shared family portrait, the businesswoman and the want to marry you hitmaker can be seen bonding with their two children Tiffah and Nillan.

Diamond’s rare act attracted lots of love and appreciation from Zari , with the businesswoman lauded Diamond saying that, it takes a brave man to turn around and do the right thing, no matter what the past looks like.

“It takes only a brave to turn around and do the right thing. The smiles on @princess_tiffah & @princenillan are priceless. We appreciate you papa 🙏” shared Zari Hassan.

The Gidi na Ghost asubuhi co-host plight would attract mixed reactions with many encouraging him to keep on trying while others opted to throw stones at the woman who has denied the unbwogable hitmaker access to his son.

Gidi is currently married to Ziva Elijah, with whom they have a daughter Marie-Rose Hera Ogidi who was born in 2016, and the two lovebirds visiting each other from time to time.

The celebrated Radio Jambo host on May 21, 2020 celebrated his daughter Mari-Rose with a beautiful message on turning a year older.

“Dear Marie-Rose, you’re the best I’d ever seen. I know you have a greater future ahead. Your birthday is so precious to me that I’ll never forget to wish you happy birthday.

The joy of a father is having joyful children who will also be joy to the world.

May your day be as bright as your smile and as lovely as you. Happy birthday my daughter!” reads part of the message.

Gidi Gidi would later thank his wife for always being around for the daughter and the good guidance to the girlchild.

“Thank you @lady_z_elijah for the guidance and care that you have given to our daughter. I wish I was there to celebrate with you but COVID-19 spoilt the party. Enjoy the cake 🎂 and lots love 💘” wrote Gidi.

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    Written by Fred Orido

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