“Nimechoka being Single! Sikuumbwa kuchezea wasichana” Harmonize confesses, says he is looking forward to marriage

Tanzanian Bongo hitmaker Rajab Abdul, commonly known as Harmonize has opened up on his frustrations of being single after a series of failed relationships.

The Konde gang CEO expressed hope that he will find love again soon after several months of being single, admitting that he feels empty inside.

The bongo hitmaker who is never open on relationship matters, took to his Insta Story to share his side of life in a tell-it-all post.

He shared that his life has all the luxury he desires and he has the money to live a lavish life but all that cannot fill up the empty space left by the absence of a companion: A woman by his side.

According to Harmonize who has had a couple of failed relationships, it is time to get into a relationship that will lead to marriage and siring of kids.

“I know my life is so beautiful, my house so expensive but I am missing a woman. I am going to love all my life. “Nimechoka being Single! Sikuumbwa kuchezea wasichana, my next love story lazima itafika kwenye ndo na watoto!” Frustrated Harmonize rants! And my next love story lazima itafika kwenye ndo na watoto,” Harmonize said.

The Uno hit-maker who is a father one, recently parted ways with actress Kajala Masanja in a dramatic fallout that saw accusations fly around.

He is alleged to have attempted to seduce Paula Kajala, the daughter to Kajala Masanja who he was dating at the time.

The fallout saw netizens weigh in, accusing him of having a humongous appetite to the point of attempting to “eat” both mother and daughter before his ways were exposed.

Paula is the current girlfriend of WCB singer Rayvanny who is in the country.

Before Kajala, Harmonize was married to Italian model Sarah Michelotti who they parted ways and their divorce is still being processed.

His love journey has been a rollercoaster of sorts, punctuated by drama and allegations of infidelity.

He has also been involved with several other women and appears to be figuring out what he wants in life after the series of failed relationships.

Tanzanian entertainment scene is full of broken hearts, broken marriages and failed relationships.

Among the popular ones is superstar Diamond Platnumz who has several baby mamas and ex-lovers in his life.

Wema Sepetu, Tanasha Donna, Zari are among the ladies who have featured in Simba’s life.

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