Ngunjiri Wambugu: Why Calls To Reconcile Uhuru And Ruto Will Not Succeed

Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu opines that calls to reunite President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy President William Ruto will not bear fruits now or in future. In a long post, the lawmaker highlighted reasons why he thinks the calls for truce will not work.

Here is the full post by the Kieleweke MP:

1. First the interlocutors – The Church in general – stands accused on this issue and doesn’t come to the table with clean hands. This is because as much as some of the Religious Leaders seeking to reconcile the two now aren’t personally involved in the reason we are here, the Church generally has been the playfield where this hatred has been brewed by providing the platforms and forums where Ruto has mobilized his allies to insult and undermine Uhuru, his Boss. At they didn’t speak out when it happened. Or challenged Ruto to stop it, or correct him. To now seek to reconcile them without first taking responsibility for having being part of the reason there is a conflict, is not honest.

2. Ruto is not sincere when he says that he will reconcile ‘without conditions’. He is the same person on record saying that there’s nothing he’s done to get them where they are, so how would he ‘reconcile’ that which he hasn’t caused.

3. Ruto has attacked Uhuru ‘personally’. Uhuru did not chose to be born a ‘dynasty’ as Ruto calls him. Attacking ‘dynasties’ is not just attacking Uhuru, but his family as well; including his children and grandchildren. And telling Uhuru that you can go after his family or others purely because they were not born like you, were he in power. It’s a very dangerous threat that’s very hard to forgive.

4. Ruto has undermined Uhuru’s decisions publicly. He has been very happy where Uhuru has failed. He has often publicly ridiculed his decisions on policies. Etc. He has also wanted to dictate who Uhuru can and cannot work with or associate with politically; including suggesting that Uhuru has lost his mind working with Raila – publicly. He has nothing but contempt for Uhuru’s decision to work with Raila, despite the realities that led to this difficult decision. How do you reconcile Uhuru with someone like that?

5. Uhuru has never attacked Ruto. Even Ruto admits Uhuru has not gone after him; blaming ‘overzealous officials’. So what is Uhuru being asked to reconcile with Ruto on – what is he being accused of doing to cause their current problems?


Ruto first needs to accept he wronged his Boss. He then needs to humble down & lose his hubris. He should then get off his high horse and publicly apologize to Uhuru. Sincerely and genuinely – not this cheeky statements he makes. And without condition. And not necessarily expecting to be forgiven. Or be supported in 2022.

After that he needs to accept that even after apologising and even if Uhuru were to decide to forgive him, Uhuru could still insist that he’s not be person to become President after him, after what he’s learnt during the last 10 years.


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