Ngirici Claims Waiguru Could Soon Decamp From Ruto’s UDA Party

There is no guarantee that Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru will stick to Deputy President William Ruto and his UDA party, the DP has been told.

Waiguru recently joined UDA from the Jubilee Party side, a move she said she made after a while of listening to her people, who told her to do it.

But County Woman Representative Purity Ngirici says that this is not the end of it, claiming that Waiguru joined UDA because she (Ngirici) was there and had helped build it and popularize it in Kirinyaga.

She says that the governor now survives by following her around and will soon be seen following her should she decide to abandon UDA and move out.

Confident that her supporters will follow her to her new political destination, should she do opt to move out of Ruto’s camp, she says that Waiguru, who is now her doppelganger, will follow her there too.

“I popularised UDA party in Kirinyaga and convinced my people to join the party and support Ruto’s presidential bid and it happened. I also led them in opposing the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) and they agreed with me,” she told The Standard.

She told the paper that it is for this reason that she has taken a break from Ruto’s events, as she is busy listening to her people, after which she will make a decision and make it public.

Ngirici, who seeks to wrestle the governor’s from Waiguru next year, added that after deciding, she will seek to carry her supporters to her new home.

“I’m not like those people who listen to the ground for euphoria. My name Wangui denotes a lead choirmaster, and as a leader, I have a responsibility to candidly face my people and tell them what is good for them,” she is further quoted.

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