New Twist As Ruth James Achieng The Woman at the centre of ‘List of 100 Kenyan men to die of HIV/AIDS’ claim speaks

Barely a day after trending on social media for for the better part of yesterday for infecting over 100 men with the deadly HIV virus, Ruth James Achieng the woman at the Centre of it all has finally spoken.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with the K24 digital Achieng’ the mother of one admitted to having taken to social media and written the warning.

She however dismissed the whole thing as pure joke that ought not to have attracted the huge attention from the social media users and the online bloggers.

Achieng went on to acknowledge having received numerous calls from friends and people she did not know enquiring why she was trending allover on Twitter and Facebook.

“Why am I trending everywhere? I just don’t like what is going on at all. Where did those photos which I took with friends come from?” posed Achieng, asserting that; “those are fictional statements that should not attract the attention of anyone.”

Achieng would be shocked by a friend who stopped her and showed her how she was trending online having been sick for a week, and left the house to seek treatment at a nearby clinic on the morning of Wednesday.

On Tuesday Achieng trended on Facebook with photos of her taken with men who were said to have contracted the deadly virus from her.

The revelation came after Achieng the mother of one had jokingly taken online putting up a message on her Facebook page saying that she would name men she has infected with HIV.

“I want to expose everyone I have given HIV (sic),” she wrote.

Going by her post that had attracted a lot of attention with many sympathizing with her , Achieng stated that the men would die of stress once she exposed them.

“Dying is the best thing. I have suffered a lot,” her other post read in part.

This comes even as the father talks stating that several traumatizing happenings in her daughter’s life are to blame for her mental status, having lost a sister in an accident during the 2017 campaigns.

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    Written by Fred Orido

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