New Twist In the Slain Kitengela 4 Case As Mother Asks For Help To Deal With Mental Health

The Mother of the two of the four gruesomely murdered four Kitengela friends yesterday 31 August, 2021 opened up on her mental health struggles weeks after painfully burying her two sons.

Speaking during an interview with Radio Jambo, Lucy Wanjiru detailed her suffering, noting that she was really having a rough time dealing with the untimely death of her sons.

The vividly hurting Lucy went on to say that her two sons were so dear and close to her and has always been thinking of what pain they went through before their eventual death in the hands of the mob.

Wanjiru added that Fredrick Muriithi 30, and Victor Mwangi 25, were her close confidants and thinking about them every day was giving her nightmares and asked for someone to offer her counselling sessions.

“For now, all I need is someone to counsel me and pray for me. I find myself imagining what my sons went through, how they begged for mercy when they were being killed,” Wanjiru shared.

The mother of the two slain brothers revealed that the nature of her son’s deaths has left her living in deep fear because she does not have any idea why the two were brutally murdered.

“I am afraid. I live in fear because I don’t know why they were killed. I have never quarreled with anyone. I ask myself questions with no answers.”

“I knew it was them as soon as I set my eyes on their body. Truth be told, my sons died a painful death because their body had wounds in almost every part,” she stated.

One of the witnesses in the case threw a twist in the incident of the four young men attending a birthday party on Sunday, August 8, and killed by a mob in Kitengela over suspicion of being livestock thieves in the area.

The witness would then narrate that contrary to the popular narrative and what many have been fed that the victims were lynched in a case of mistaken identity, they were actually killed by people well known to them seemingly with ulterior motive.

The Witness further noted that there were also delayed efforts by neighbours to rescue the quartet – including one civilian who shot in the air but was unsuccessful in stopping their gruesome killings.

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    Written by Fred Orido

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