New Twist As Wealthy Nairobi Bishop Admits Siring Son With Mistress Offers To provide ksh10k monthly Support

New twist in the case of House of Grace bishop David Muriithi after the man of the clothe admitted to being the father of a child of the woman who sued him for child support earlier in the month.

Reports from the documents filed at the courts confirms that Pastor Muriithi sired a son with his former mistress and agreed he will support his son by only providing upkeep amounting to ksh10,000 every month.

Due to his stretched resources and limited means the man of God also accepted to take care of the child’s education, noting that it will take the lion’s share of his maintenance.

“As a responsible Kenyan, l am offering to take responsibility of paying fees for the minor as well as payment of Ksh 10,000 per month for the minor’s subsistence. l make the commitment herein bearing in mind my limited means and family responsibility which l am obliged to meet as well as the fact that the minor’s education will take the largest share of the minors maintenance,” the Bishop says.

Muriithi further noted that he will pay the fees but rather the school chosen for the child was very expensive owing to his meagre resources mainly from the well-wishers and faithful’s, adding that he was not consulted.

“I was not consulted in the choice of Kiota School neither can I afford the school fees for that school as I have no regular income and only rely on well-wishers for support for the church and my family,” he says.

The Bishop is defending himself after his mistress known as JM sued him seeking ksh100,000 monthly allowance for child maintenance for their two-year-old son.

Pastor Muriithi also noted that he never knew the woman was pregnant for him, and that she never disclosed the same to him adding that the relationship was on-and-off with the woman ending in the year 2018.

“When I met the applicant she was living in her own rented house with her other teenage child sired from a different relation where she paid her own rent,” Muriithi stated.

“What l do recall is that the applicant kept on complaining that she had fibroids and never spoke about a pregnancy and it is now that l realize that the applicant never had any fibroids contrary to what she presented to me and some of her friends,” Muriithi added.

The pastor further claims the pregnancy message came long after their relationship had ended and only learnt about it after calling to check on her, to be ambushed that she was at St. Mary to deliver a baby which shocked him.

” There was no way he would have been excited about a pregnancy that he did not know about and which she had hidden from him,” he says.

He accused the former Mistress of using their son as means of extorting money from him thinking that he lives a high life as a man of God.

“That as much as l am a bishop in the church that l head, it is not true that l live a high end life and this is only a pigment of the application’s imagination,” Muriithi says.

He adds that; “that it is now crystal clear to my mind that the applicant having had the misconception that l live a high end life may somehow have caused herself to conceive with the sole aim of getting a slice of the perceived ‘high end life’ and the applicant’s schemes seems to be that she will use the innocent child to unlawfully achieve her objective.

The man of the cloth further stated that the woman’s scheme seems to be that of using the innocent child to unlawfully achieve her objective of extorting or embarrassing him, the story having flooded the social media.

“In a move that was either intended to extort money from me or embarrass me the case was splashed all over social media against the provision of the law including the Star and Mpasho,” he claims.

Muriithi said that her main aim was not the child interest at heart, but rather to pile pressure on him so as to fall for her extortion scheme.

As a responsible adult who had liaison with the applicant I am convinced that it would be in the best interest of the child for me to take up the reasonable parental responsibility over the child whom she claims to be mine as that is the most responsible thing to do to protect the minor,” Muriithi says.

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