New twist as Moi Avenue shooter causes dismay with kidnapping controversy

Earlier this year in April, Ojiambo Ainea hit the headlines after an unbelievable and incredible video of him went viral, though unfortunately it ended tragically. He was on Moi Avenue speaking to a female friend when a band or roaming thugs accosted him and tried to rob him. Incidentally, he was armed, and when he pulled out his pistol, the thugs scampered for safety. Sadly Ainea reportedly ended up shooting and killing a guard by mistake. While the matter has been taking place in the courts, details are now emerging of a fresh controversy involving kidnappers.

At a time when cases of abductions have unfortunately became very widespread and common, it is emerging that Ojiambo Ainea wrote a hard-hitting article in the Standard newspaper that ventured into victim blaming. Ainea claimed that parents of the kidnap victims are to blame for the predicament that has befallen them.

Part of his piece read,

Due to the curfew, I think night crime has drastically reduced. What has gone up in the criminal world is kidnapping. I think criminals have found an easier way to extort Kenyans. Kidnapping was not common in the country. We only used to hear stories from cities in South Africa and countries such as Nigeria because of Boko Haram.
There are many reasons why kidnapping especially targeting children has become common. To put a disclaimer, I know some children are kidnapped randomly and no one is to blame. But let me begin with how some parents have compromised security at home through their social media activities.

First and foremost, I will blame parents for exposing their kids too much on social media. You will find a parent posting pictures of their kids in school, where they are going on holidays and so much more. Believe me, someone with ill motives will begin conjuring how to kidnap them and ask for ransom. One can post pictures but don’t give too many details that can expose you.

Worth noting is that Ojiambo is a renown actor that has appeared in several popular productions including Tahidi High, and Makutano Junction.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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