New Twist As Jalango’s Sh18,000 refund saga Results Into Mboya Expose

Celebrated Kiss 100 radio Presenter Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o is once again at it locking horns with upcoming musician Vincent Mboya over the 18,000 rent saga.

The two have been on the warring path since the musician put Jalang’o on the spot after he sought his help over 18,000 rent arears that had accumulated for months and was struggling to settle.

The 21-year old lad went on to shared an allegedly edited message indicating that he had sent back Jalang’o’s 18, 000 to his mobile wallet after he failed to pick it physically following his 24 hours ultimatum.

In a quick turn of events, Jalang’o made things straight noting that Mboya had not actually sent the money as alleged and that the message shared on Instagram was fabricated.

The seemingly irked Jalang’o reached out to Mboya asking him to stop using his name for cheap clout, while wondering what had come over the boy.

“I have just spoken to this boy to stop using my name in his persuit of fame! This is an edited message! I can confirm to you that there is no money he has sent me! Ni Ujinga tu!,” the Kiss 100 presenter said.

“I hope one day he will learn that there are people wishing to get this money that I honestly gave him! I cant imagine that this is the same boy who came crying and has just turned to be a monster! I have warned him against using my name for clout…anasema ni ngoma anatoa!” Jalang’o added.

Mboya had given the Mcee 48 hours to collect his 18,000 refund he had given to him, a thing that Jalang’o blatantly refused to do.

The 2022 Lang’ata Parliamentary seat Hopeful explained that he helped the young man with clean heart and if he felt offended by his words thereafter, then he is sorry.

“You see this young man telling me to come and get my 18K from him. Do you that guy alinipiga Magoti hapa nje nikamwambia you don’t have to kneel down for me… he came here kuomba doo saying Nyumba yake imefungwa.

“Then I told him hii mambo ya kubebabeba placard haitakusaidia tafuta kitu ya kufanya, “Go work you Ass off” that as slang for do not sit down, go work extremely hard. Yeye akaenda kutafuta nayo clout ati nilimtukana. Sina time ya kutukana watu and whoever is using him for clout…if you don’t want the money you don’t have to give me 48 hours…just send via Mpesa si uko na Number yangu.

“If he can do that is Okay, there are people who have told me they don’t even need 18K, they just need 2K to eat, it hurt me so much mtu alikuja hapa akipiga magoti anasema he has given me 48 hours to collect the money” said Jalang’o in part.

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