New development in Tecra Muigai’s death as Omar Lali’s brother testify over the case

The case involving the mysterious death of Keroche heiress Tecra Muigai on Wednesday, July 14, 2021 took a new twist after a key witness made contradicting testimony. 

Quswai Lali, a brother to Tecra’s boyfriend Omar Lali, gave his testimony over the matter that was different from what he earlier told the police on the night that the deceased died.

while taking his oath, Quswai stated that his brother called him at around 5.45 am asking him to go his immediately.

“I was surprised because it is rare for Lali to call that early. Since his place is around four minutes’ walk from my house, I got there almost immediately.

 “At the end of the first fleet on the staircase, I saw Tecra on the floor facing up. Lali looked worried and confused,” Quswai explained.

From his previous statements at the police station, Quswai said that Omar had only pointed at a spot where Tecra fell before carrying her to their room, a statement that he has disowned. 

Quswai also stated that they never reported the matter to the police since they thought it was a minor injury and instead called a doctor in a bid to save her life.

“I called a doctor, May Makau, who advised us to take the deceased to the dispensary. Tecra was still bleeding from the left ear and there were some blood spots near her,” Quswai stated.

Quswai further stated that Lali called their in-law, Ali Bakari, to come help them take Tecra to the nearby Shela dispensary.

“Bakari came with two people and after placing her on plastic chairs, we carried her to the dispensary. After she stabilized, we took her to King Fahad hospital by speed boat,” he said.

According to him, Tecra was drunk at the time and the attending doctor attended to her to reduce the alcohol level in her blood.

According to government Pathologist Dr. Johansen Oduor the victim possibly died from being hit by a blunt object as well as a possible fall.

“In the case of Tecra, the only major injury was on the head, with a minor bruise on the left upper arm and on the knees. As expected there should have been abrasions and bruises on other parts of the body or even possibly a fracture on the legs and arms,” Oduor confirmed.

Dr. Oduor confirmed there was no chemically toxic substance detected in the postmortem specimen and concluded that Tecra died of severe brain injuries which were caused by blunt force trauma.

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi

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