New Development as DP Ruto Allies Accuses Government Of Organising Militia to Cause Election Violence Ahead Of 2022

In a bid to ready themselves for the 2022 race, Deputy president William Ruto’s allies have today accused the government of using militia to cause mayhem in the upcoming general election.

Speaking during a press briefing held at the parliament the allies alleged that some government officials were seeking illegal, unlawful, irregular and unconstitutional means to incorporate an armed militia ahead of 2022.

“Their sole purpose is to terrorize Kenyans and destabilizing the country during the 2022 General Election,” they argued.

The leaders added that there was a conspiracy in the jubilee government to carry out a scheme aimed at culminating in grave threats to the safety and wellbeing of the Kenyans.

Refusing to name names, the MP’s further revealed that they had sources high up in the government who supplied them with very confidential information.

The Members of Parliament were seriously concerned that the security, peace and stability of the country would be compromised.

“We strongly condemn this evil and dangerous scheme against the stability, peace and good governance of our country, and the cabal of reckless impunity behind it.

“We call upon His Excellency the President , as Commander-In-Chief, to take decisive action in this matter and reassure all Kenyans of his commitment to the constitution, the rule of law , good governance , peace , security and safety,” reads the statement in part.

They gave examples of the police force appearing to be taking instructions from some sources going by the recently concluded by-elections.

“The Inspector-General is hereby put on notice that should anything go wrong on account of Police executing illegal political assignments, he will be held to account both locally and internationally,” they stated.

They also accused the government of abandoning its constitutional, statutory and political mandate this hour of need.

“It is threatening to lay to waste everything we have achieved since the birth of this nation and undo the strides we have made in establishing peace and stability mandate.”

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    Written by Fred Orido

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