New details emerge on the no-nonsense man tasked with fixing DP Ruto in Jubilee [Video]

Details have emerged of the man pulling the strings behind the scene in Jubilee party in the wake of rising political temperatures that has seen party organs resolve to kick out DP Ruto as the deputy party leader.

While Ruto and his allies have been attacking Raphael Tuju (Secretary-general) and David Murathe (Vice-chairman), a key player in fixing DP Ruto and his allies is Nelson Dzuya, the chairman of the troubled party.

Reports indicate that the recent decisions that cornered DP Ruto, leaving him badly embarrassed had the full blessings and input of Dzuya who although non-combative, is the most brutal in tackling DP Ruto.

Dzuya who is a former tout had his break when Jubilee came into being following the merger of TNA and URP.

He was thrust into the mix of things, aligning himself with the party leader and team Kieleweke and going after DP Ruto in the most ruthless of ways seen in recent times.

While Murrathe and Tuju have been leading the battle in the public domain, fearlessly defending the interest of President Uhuru Kenyatta, Dzuya remains lethal in the boardroom.

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