New details emerge; eye witnesses set record straight on butcher shot by police in love triangle

A couple of days ago it was reported that a 32 year-old by the names Charles Karugu who was a butchery attendant was shot and killed by a police constable called Titus Kirui. It had been alleged that Kirui, who was based at Villa Police Station accused his victim of having an affair with his girlfriend.

However, witnesses to the crime who include the owner of the butchery, and even the dead man’s collegue by the names Monica Kirigo have now come out with a version which they claim is what really happened.

It is now coming out, according to the witnesses, that the dead man by the name Charles was from Kariguini in Laikipia County, bad had just arrived in Embakasi from there two weeks prior to his death to try and improve his life through a better livelihood.

However, he was not directly involved in the love triangle but was in fact just an unlucky bystander in the incident.

The butchery attendant in Embakasi area of Nairobi County was shot dead after being caught in a crossfire between the police officer and a Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) officer.

The Police officer and the KDF officer were allegedly caught up in a love triangle and had been squabbling over a woman.

The butchery attendant identified as Charles Karugu was shot dead as he tried to protect the KDF officer from the Administrative Police officer who had gone rogue.

The two were arguing at the butchery on the evening of Sunday, May 30, when the incident occurred.
It is said that the military man accused Kirui of sneaking to be with his wife whenever he was in Somalia carrying out his military duties.

A fight ensued, and Kirui got the worse of the duel, causing him to go for his gun. He left, but returned minutes later with an AK 47.

Monica Kirigo says that his colleague, Charles, was getting out to start setting up his mutura business when Titus opened fire, inflicting him with wounds that eventually killed him.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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