New details emerge about June Ruto’s fiancée; academic writing surfaces of him mocking bottoms-up approach.

Alex Ezenagu’s writing on the International Centre for Tax and Development website, gives the picture of a son-in-law who clearly doesn’t see eye to eye with his future father-in-law, ideologically.


Give the devil his due. Although many young male Kenyans feel slighted that June Ruto chose a Nigerian over them after her successful engagement party over the weekend, kudos must be given to the DP’s daughter for choosing brains over brawn. Alex Ezenagu’s sizable and average entourage, devoid of all the theatrics common with Nigerians, shows how reserved and polite he is.


However, when it comes to expressing his intellectual point of view, the seemingly measured young man appears quite opinionated.


An article has now surfaced of the young law associate professor at the Hamad Bin Khalifa University in Qatar poking holes at economic models that seem to veer off established models and seek to provide specialised taxation for special groups. He even calls for increased use of “withholding tax” by governments, which is an enhanced form of income tax levying by employers.


It is worth noting that the DP, in his speeches and campaign for the 2022 presidential election, has adopted a bottoms-up approach as opposed to the more traditional trickle down economy which is widely and historically practiced world over.

In the trickle down model, emphasis is placed on the upper economic section with the view to help it generate money that will then cascade to the lower levels of the economy.

Ruto prefers the bottoms-up approach which seeks to directly empower the lower levels in the hope that the economic impact can grow upwards and lift the top societies.

In a piece written by Ezenagu on the International Centre for Tax and Development (ICTD) website, he submits,


“As observed, the tax avoidance practices of foreign companies are encouraged by taxing jurisdictions with harmful preferential tax regimes, such as low-tax corporate income tax rate, no or low-tax rates for certain payments…one-size fits all approach must be abandoned as it is impractical and any ‘new deal’ must base its foundation on the theory Economic Allegiance and other sound theories.”

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