Neighbours speak out about the weird habits Shantel Nzembi’s main murder suspect had

Yesterday, Kajiado County, at the Kitengela area where the disturbing and heinous murder of 8 year old Shantel Nzembi occurred, it was a buzz of activity.


Detectives combed through the area trying to collect more information on Nativity Mutindi who has emerged as not only the suspected master mind of the kidnaping and murder of the poor slain little girl, but also the planner and executioner of the entire plan.


Following this new latest development, some of the people who lived near the suspect are now coming out to disclose some of the weird and unusual habits that she exhibited. Interestingly, Nativity Mutindi didn’t live far from Shantel’s home. It is said that she had just moved into the area months earlier.

Neighbours say despite the fact that she lived within an area that’s largely communal, she rarely left the house, and would, in fact, spend extremely long periods locked inside her house which nobody went in or out of.


In another chilling revelation by one of the neighbours, it’s alleged that even on the day that Shantel’s body was discovered, she too together with everyone else, tagged along to go and witness the incident.

So far, there are four suspects in custody. The first one to be arrested was a boda boda rider by the name Otengo.

Otengo, a boda boda operator within Kitengela town, was arrested at Orata area in Kitengela, Kajiado county, on Wednesday. He was allegedly in possession of a mobile phone believed to have been used to seek ransom from the deceased’s mother.

Mikuhu was according to the prosecution, nabbed at around 9pm on the same day. He is suspected to have used his ID to register an Airtel number where the ransom was allegedly wired to.

Agnes Kasiva, a fourth suspect, and who is said to have been working closely with Nativity Mutindi was also arrested.

Isinya police have said that the children who were playing with Shantel when she was abducted have identified the suspect as the woman who took the dead girl away.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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