Ndii’s boastful claim; when I was working for them, I charged them over Kshs,100, 000 daily!

Although David Ndii is already considered an outspoken and controversial economist, the string of statements that he has consistently made over the course of the recent past seems to have escalated things to a whole different level. His latest outburst is undoubtedly set to result in a furore which is likely to involve not just local players, but also international stakeholders this time round.


David Ndii first shot his way to infamy after he led the potentially treasonous campaign of splitting Kenya in two in the aftermath of the 2017 controversial elections. Ndii appeared to advocate for a secession from Kenya by regions of the country that felt aggrieved by the then turn of events.

His more recent controversy was this year when he unleashed an emotive tribal slur loaded with ethnic bigotry against the entire Luo community, chiding them for their culture of not circumcising. This outburst was so explosive that it even threatened to split the then nascent Linda Katiba group, when NARC Kenya leader Martha Karua took to Twitter, and was among the first people to tell off the economist in a scathing rebuke.
In his latest bombshell, Ndii has now not only confessed but also bragged of profiteering from foreign aid organisations that had come into the country to help the poor.

It all began with a tweet by one Rueben M, in which David Ndii was tagged. Rueben wrote,

?! “There exists a non-trivial probability that the (foreign aid) transfers may be received by people richer than rich countries’ taxpayers.”

Retweeting the post by Rueben, David Ndii not only supported the sentiments, but even went further on to brag about being a beneficiary of such an arrangement, during the course of his professional working history.
He wrote,

Guilty. I’ve charged aid projects $1000 a day consultancy fees.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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