Nadia Mukami exposes multi-million secret properties of top producer in tell-all Tweet

Before Nadia Mukami opened her mouth, little was known about the ownership of something such as PPP TV, among others. The little that was known was that Triple P TV is an entertainment Tv channel within the StarTimes Media Platform. The Channel broadcasts Non- stop Music to clients. 70% of all the music in the channel is Kenyan while 30% represents International music sources. On its site, Triple P boasts of nationwide coverage on what they refer to as the biggest Digital platform in Kenya.


Whether the exposé by Nadia Mukami was an honest and sincere slip of the tongue (or in this case fingers) is yet to be known, but as her itchy fingers tweeted away, they brought to the fore the financial properties of one of Kenya’s most respected music producers.

Just this past weekend, Nadia Mukami wrote on her official Twitter page,

This is the legendary status we are talking about! ? Clemmoh, one of the top, most respected and legendary music producers paid a courtesy visit to our studios to see what we have going! Clemmoh is the owner of Triple P Tv, Ngomma VAS and Calif Records.

When Triple P was officially launched back in 2013 on August 15th, it was Introduced in some quarters as Kenya’s first 24 hour entertainment station. Its name was said to stand for Precise, Pristine and Powerful. It was said to be a joint venture between Homeboyz, Startimes, MCSK and other stakeholders such as ‘Sir’ Henry Otiende. It was famously launched with aplomb at a star-studded gala. Debbie Asila and Amina were the hosts for that evening.


What is yet to be clear is which one between the two versions is the accurate one. Is the channel a joint venture between a conglomerate as earlier reported, or is the “Ni Maombi” hit maker spot on, and indeed, the station does belong to Clemo, who is credited with the creation and promotion of Genge?

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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