Myoot: Kalenjin’s political kingpin ‘post’ is still vacant

The Kalenjin Council of Elders popularly known as Myoot says the region’s political kingpin ‘post’ is still vacant after President Daniel Moi’s passing and that the coronation performed to DP Ruto by the Talai Council of Elders in June last year was not to coronate DP Ruto as the community’s kingpin.

Myoot is the umbrella body of all the 10 sub-tribes of Kalenjin – Nandi, Kipsigis, Tugen, Marakwet, Keiyo, Pokot, Sabaot, Cherang’any, Ogiek and Terik. 

According to the council’s chair, Benjamin Kitur, preparations are currently in top gear and decide who will take the Kingpin position. The elders will also try to bring to the table William Ruto and Gideon Moi who are embroiled in a bitter political rivalry in the Rift.

“What the Talai did last year belongs to that clan, as Myoot we are planning ours which will be a public event and the whole world will know who will be crowned,” said Mr Kitur.

“Soon there will be a meeting of all the 10 sub-tribes under the Myoot spiritual leaders, Ruto and Moi. We ill make a declaration of who is to be the community’s kingpin but there is no way we will allow division because both of them are our sons,” he added.

Deputy President William Ruto and Senator Gideon Moi are already in a deep tussle, struggling to sway and have a grip on the council of elders, responsible for the coronation. The person endorsed by the Talai Council of Elders is likely to be crowned by elders of the 10 sub-tribes as the region’s spokesperson.

“Since Talai clan have been blessed with powers of seeing the future, in most cases, the person who they usually coronate emerges as the candidate to be crowned by the entire community as the spokesperson,” an elder told the press. said one of the Myoot elders.

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