My sister was Brutally murdered – Anerlisa Muigai as she opens up on late sister Tecra’s Death

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai has once again opened up revealing little known details about her deceased sister Tecra Muigai, maintaining that her sister was brutally murdered.

Speaking earlier today Anerlisa revealed that at her death, Tecra broke the hardest bone in the human body that that only be broken through a serious accident or being hit by a very heavy object something that never happened to her.

Anerlisa went on to say that the death of her sister is one thing she will never get over adding that her sister was always very aware of what was happening around her and by that fact, she will never get convinced she had an accident.

“Btw shit I will never get over is my sister’s death because I’m sure she did not fall on the staircase…One thing people are not aware is that she was broken the hardest in a human body. That Bone can only be broken by 3 things,

1. Serious car accident

2. Somebody using an object on you.

My sister was very sober and even if she drunk she was very aware of what was happening, she never got to the point where she was unconscious.

So to go straight to the point, “My sister was brutally Murdered” Period” wrote Anerlisa Muigai.
The Nero Company CEO, went on to offer free directing of a movie that will have the title; “An innocent girl Vs a Murder”

“I miss you so much”

Any Movie Director with the title an innocent girl Vs a Murder’ reach me out. I will direct if for free” said Ms Muigai.

Her statement comes at a time the government pathologist Johansen Odiwuor had concurred with the other doctors, stating that a staircase fall could not result into the kind of injuries Tecra sustained.

Odiwuor noted that the Muigai could have died from being hit by a blunt object or a possible fall as she had a skull fracture at the left temporal bone extended leading to the base of the skull not possible to result from a single impact.

“In the case of Tecra, the only major injury was on the head, with a minor bruise on the left upper arm and on the knees. As expected there should have been abrasions and bruises on other parts of the body or even possibly a fracture on the legs and arms,” government pathologist Johansen Odiwuor said.

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    Written by Fred Orido

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