Mwaura; Don’t make me say how you and the president called me to statehouse to poach me from ODM.

In what is fast becoming a pattern, warring Jubilee factions once again got into a fight and one of the sides decided to expose the other in public, and let the world know deep secrets that were deeply hidden. In only one month, there have been repeated cases of a jilted side airing dirty linen in public.

On New Year’s Eve, former Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen, while speaking to Francis Gachuri on the end-year series, “Events 2020”, said that he knew many things which he himself conducted when he was still comfortable in Jubilee, and that when the time was right, he would expose them.
Then there’s the Nairobi ex-governor who has gone out on a tell-all expedition.
He began by saying that he and Interior PS Karanja Kibicho had hired youths to burn cars, but had clothed them in ODM t-shirts so that the party could be blamed. More recently, he said that he and other government officials engineered the dumping of sewage in Jacaranda so as to disrupt a Raila rally.

Yesterday, nominated senator Isaac Mwaura revealed unknown details that exposed the underworking of the inner political circles.

Jubilee vice-president David Murathe had just told Issac Mwaura that he should be more grateful for being in Jubilee instead of showing disrespect, when Mwaura shot back angrily, asserting that it was not him, Murathe, who invited him to Jubilee, but in fact the President.
He warned Murathe not to push him or else, he was going to spill the beans on how him and the president poached him from ODM.

It will be remembered that the President famously invited Mwaura and his bride to State House on the day of his wedding. Mwaura, however, poured cold water on the incident, saying that if Murathe continued pushing, he would even talk about how the State House invitation was nothing but a fishing expedition for the president.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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