Muturi caught up in fierce supremacy battle between Kiraitu and Munya

Following Saturday’s colourful coronation of National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi in Murang’a as the Mount Kenya spokesman, the aftershocks of the event continue to be felt days later. While some such as the Tharaka Nithi governor Muthomi Njuki have lauded the move, others, mostly from the tanga tanga wing of Jubilee which is allied to the Deputy President has been more dismissive of it.


However, unfolding on the sidelines is a hotly contested battle for the leadership of the Mount Kenya region of Meru, and caught up in the middle of the chaotic melee is the newly crowned Justin Muturi.


Since 2017, there has emerged a bitter rivalry between Peter Munya who hails from Northern Meru, and Kiraitu Murungi who comes from Meru Central. This tussle for the county’s leadership ended in the ousting of Munya as Meru governor, and the taking over of Kiraitu Murungi as the new County head.


However, instead of Munya’s fading into oblivion as Kiraitu would have hoped, he received a much needed lifeline after the president appointed him into the cabinet. He has rose steadily over the years, through the ranks, from the East Africa portfolio, to that of Trade, to now, the more powerful Agriculture post.

Although, since his appointment to the cabinet, there have been isolated cases of run-ins between the two leaders, the latest issue concerning Muturi appears to be the one that might bring out the two rivals into an all out war.


All along, Kiraitu Murungi has maintained that for a long time, other GEMA regions such as the Ameru and Aembu have supported the Kikuyu, and it’s now high time that the Kikuyu made a similar kind gesture in return by supporting Muturi.


However, in a blatant show of disagreement, and seemingly daring his Meru counterpart to an open contest, the Agriculture CS has now come out to rubbish the weekend ceremony, terming it as ambiguous.


Mocking Muturi’s swearing-in, he wondered where exactly the office of the Spokesman was located, whether in the Njuri Ncheke Council or in Murang’a. He wondered if it meant that when Muturi speaks the rest are to keep quiet.

He finished by saying that the president remains the bonafide leader of the region, and no one else could purport to take the role from him at the moment.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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