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Muthama’s other ex-wife emerges – PHOTO

The drama surrounding former Machakos County Senator Johnston Muthama’s family took a new twist as a woman claiming to be Muthama’s first wife surfaced with a statement criticizing the politician’s values.

Joyce Nzisa on Tuesday, February 02, described Muthama’s family as troubled one and sensationally alleged that one of her children was paid to make insulting comments against Kavindu, Muthama’s ex-wife who is eyeing the Machakos Senatorial seat.

Adressing the press, Nzisa disclosed that her five children, including Alice Muthama who previously made disparaging claims against Kavindu were languishing in poverty.

She further noted that she suspected her daughter and Muthama’s son, Moses Muthama, could have been paid to issue the contentious statement.

“I was deeply hurt to see my own daughter Alice, on TV lying about how good of a person her father is. How can a good person neglect his own flesh and blood?” she posed.

She also stated that her third-born Janet Nthoki is in Nairobi living in abject poverty.

In addition, the alleged Muthama’sex-wife said that she was yet to receive any inheritance following her divorce from the politician which she said took place in 1991.

She claimed that the former Senator took all her children when they were still small leaving her traumatised and miserable for over 30 years.

She wondered how the politician would help th problems facing people of Ukambani if he couldn’t take care of his own family.

She added that she would be seeking audience with President Uhuru Kenyatta to share her woes with him.

The children, Moses and Alice, said that Kavindu’s move to vie for office where their father is also vieing was selfish and politically driven to embarrass Muthama.

However, Kavindu has since forgiven the children for the remarks they made against her and urged her supporters to pray so that her offsprings her protected from getting a curse.

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    Written by James Mulanda




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