Muthama hints at ex-wife and Kalonzo in tense awkward on-air moment

In the run up to the Machakos County Senatorial by-election race that was occasioned by the death of the late Senator Bonface Mutinda Kabaka, the country was treated to an exciting but scandalous piece of drama after two of the most senior Kamba leaders, former Vice-president Kalonzo Musyoka and former Machakos Senator Muthama came close to blows following what was deemed a reckless and provocative statement by Kalonzo Musyoka about Muthama’s ex-wife.

Months later, and although the incident can now safely be said to be water under the bridge, there occurred a moment full of weird unease when Muthama appeared to touch on the thorny issue one again, albeit in a reconciliatory tone.

Muthama was appearing on KTN’s Newshour which was hosted by Ken Mijungu.
In the course of the long interview, Muthama got to speaking to some of the reasons that made him have a falling out with his former party leader.

He counted the biggest and topmost reason as (according to him) the sham nominations for the wiper party tickets. He said that many candidates who vied for Wiper Party tickets were disenfranchised after being unfairly denied victory. Citing the example of former Kitui Senator David Musila who, according to him won the Wiper gubernatorial ticket but was denied in favour of Malombe, Muthama said that the reason he even decided to drop his Senatorial bid was to show solidarity with the others.

He also added that another reason that caused them not to see eye to eye was the blatant nepotism which he accuses Kalonzo of engaging in. While he didn’t mention any names, Kalonzo has in the past been criticised and accused of being behind the push that resulted in his son getting nominated into the East African Legislative Assembly, EALA.

Unexpectedly, Ken Mijungu, in a loaded and suggestive enquiry, asked whether this meant that their fallout had absolutely nothing to do with any personal issue.

Muthama, without mentioning his ex-wife, or even alluding to the infamous church incident, paraphrased Mijungu’s question and declared that their fallout had absolutely nothing to do with any personal issue whatsoever that might have happened to take place between them.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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