Mutahi Ngunyi takes on Citizen TV news team over remarks on Uhuru’s speech

Reknown political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi yesterday castigated the Citizen TV news crew for finding fault with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s state of the nation address speech at the Parliament buildings.

The team had questioned why the head of state had not detailed how to build consensus in the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) to allow for amendments of sections of the constitution.

Taking to Twitter the political analyst accused the news crew of not reading and consulting widely to deliver on the constitutional discussion.

“The news gang is at it again. Exchanging ignorance and doing bar talk on National TV.  Constitutional Consensus is not concurrence. If you agree to disagree, is that consensus or is it concurrence?” he posed.

“A little reading will help this group of ignoramus,” he added.

The journalists had expected president Kenyatta to address the consensus issue, whether the two sides would agree to alter the BBI to effect constitutional changes or not.

“I would have expected that consensus is about agreeing and bridging the divide but that word consensus is turning out to be something different because there are various interpretations of what consensus is in so far as our politicians and leaders.

“On one hand I hear one group say that this document will be dealt as is, not a comma, not a full stop will be removed but on the other hand, I hear another team say that the second document after the one in 2019 offered an opportunity for Kenyans to say a few things that they would have wanted to see in the document,” Citizen TV senior reporter Francis Gachuri stated.

In his opinion, Citizen’s Director of information and Strategy Linus Kaikai said that consensus was nothing more than that witnessed during the National prayer day.

“For me, consensus meant exactly what forgiveness meant during the National Prayer day. It’s mentioned to serve a particular purpose,” Kaikai stated.

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    Written by Fred Orido

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