Mutahi Ngunyi speaks on how President Uhuru may extend his term in office until 2023

Political Analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has spoken about the possibility of President Uhuru Kenyatta extending his term in office until 2023.

On Sunday, May 23, 2021 Ngunyi opined that the 2022 General elections would occur similarly to that of 2017.

The Political Analyst highlighted some scenario that would see the election process hold the country hostage for more than six months resulting in President Uhuru Kenyatta holding office until April 2023.

In his opinion, Ngunyi stated that the elections would be held on August 9, 2022 according to the Constitution. Soon after the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) would announce the results after seven days.

The political Analyst noted that the results would be contested in court for the Judiciary to intervene.

He pointed out that the Supreme Court would invalidate the elections that would force Kenyans to vote for the second time.

Ngunyi acknowledged that the process may be aborted if any candidate withdraws their candidature. This, he stated, would mean the elections to stop and Kenyans would go back to the nominations stage.

According to the Elections Act, whenever a Presidential election is to be held, a notice must be sent to the public for 60 days. In total, the process would take 191 days which is roughly 6 months.

He noted that the process that requres approximately 131 days would ultimately end in April 2023.

While revealing the other possible ultimatums, he noted that the best case scenario would have the new President sworn in on December 13, 2022, after going through run-off elections between the two top Presidential candidates in the August elections.

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi




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