Mutahi Ngunyi Responds To Raila’s Assertion of Jailing DP Ruto Over Corruption Cases if Elected The President

The outspoken Political Analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has responded to the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga’s assertion that he will jail Deputy President William Ruto over corruption cases when elected the president.

The former prime minister’s statement to jail the Second in Command has caused turmoil in DP Ruto’s outfit with the majority of his close aides taking a swipe at the ODM leader.

According to renowned Politics Analyst Mutahi Ngunyi, corruption is part and parcel of Kenyans lifestyle noting that Raila’s message very is very dangerous and might affect his 2022 presidential ambitions.

”If there is one thing that Raila Odinga has not done is to win the support of the deep state, and the cartels of this country, basically the rich guys,” Ngunyi started.

”Some of these individuals are the people calling the shots around the President, and Raila Odinga is scaring them away,” the renowned analyst stated.

”In his strategy, he has done almost everything, but the segment of the cartels have never embraced Raila Odinga. This is because of the fear that should he become President, he is likely to introduce radical changes,” Ngunyi added

”When Mwai Kibaki took over the office in 2002, he assured Kenyans of Corruption as his number one priority. It would be a thing of the past. By the time he was leaving office, Corruption was the way of life,” he stated.

”Then William Ruto and Uhuru came into office, corruption was now part of the country’s lifestyle many students started pursuing procurement and accounting courses because they believed embezzlement as the quickest way of getting rich,” he continued.

”I advise him to do what Magufuli did, camouflage. Very few people thought that he would be one of the biggest fighters of Corruption. He clicked well with everybody, but once he became the President, his true colors started exhibiting,” he clarified.

”He should learn from the DP, William Ruto goes to church, and people believe he is the holiest in the country. He plans to show his real character once in office. Raila Odinga needs to hide certain things.” Ngunyi concluded.

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    Written by Emily Odeny

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