Mutahi Ngunyi now claims David Ndii is mentally unstable and there are records to prove it

Political Scientist, Governance consultant and media owner Mutahi Ngunyi has now come out with what will undoubtedly, not only add a new twist to the controversy surrounding David Ndii but might also attract a fierce response from the outspoken economist.


In a Video from his regular talk show, Damaging Ignorance, courtesy of his TV channel, the Fifth Estate, Mutahi Ngunyi began by, interestingly, dropping an unexpected disclaimer. He said that he wasn’t going to be as scathing as he ordinarily would have been, simply because David Ndii is a personal friend to him.


Nevertheless, soon after he had said this, he went ahead to demand that the head of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, George Kinoti, should institute charges against Ndii, but even before doing so, he should establish the mental wellness of the fellow, because, according to him, he is a pyscho.

He then continued, saying that making this determination shouldn’t be hard since there are even records to prove it. Without specifying whether the records he was talking about were medical records, and if he was privy to this info due to his alleged friendship to Ndii, he simply moved on to lay very serious charges on Ndii’s doorstep.

He said it’s in public domain that Ndii once advised Deputy President Ruto to assassinate Uhuru because that was the only way he was ever going to get to State House. He also recalled that it was the same David Ndii who was behind, what he implied to be, the emotive and potentially treasonous call for secession in the aftermath of the contested 2017 General Elections.


A combative Mutahi Ngunyi concluded by suggesting that Uhuru goes ahead, ignores the court order, and push on with the BBI. Quoting a doctrine that has previously been used in India and elsewhere, known as Civil Necessity, Ngunyi said that sometimes, in the pursuit for the greater good, a government can contravene the law, and suggested that Uhuru does that.[0]=AT31kC4Xf2gr6X55KgwaYQJcqdgZunuRO4iHzFva6pR2kFGHwYNuRl9rzgAPC14gYxzFd21zIrIITM16UKrDPV9w20T_E1FnPXSnQ4Qkdx7HEJZ4E7QHbRmdODbCShgGf1sZGthyDIE5uOhb6wUUwp3I1ZBNBigQeZ7b3EjmkwPO4Hk

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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