Mutahi Ngunyi lights up Twitter, tackling DP Ruto with controversial remarks

Hours after Tanga Tanga MP and close DP Ruto ally Justus Murunga died after contracting Covid-19 in the wake of rising Covid-19 infections and deaths renown political scientist Mutahi Ngunyi has roped in the DP with controversial remarks.

Taking to Twitter, Ngunyi questioned why the second in command is deliberately targeting Mt. Kenya region with his visits that contravene Covid-19 regulations at a time when the country is experiencing a deadly second wave of Coivid-19.With the hashtag ##RutoTheSuperSpreader, Ngunyi wrote:

“WHY is Ruto VISITING Mt Kenya ONLY, encouraging CROWDS? Is he MULTIPLYING Covid amongst KIKUYUS? “.The comment lit up social media as netizens “No Face mask at all his rallies in Mt. Kenya region. He also shakes their hands so carelessly. #RutoSuperSpreader” Quiped Kevin Munyui.

In support of Ngunyi, @ Collins Kipchirchir wrote:Dude wants to finish mount Kenya with covid. Aende huko asituletee wheelbarrows na Corona Riftvalley”.”Where the rain started beating us. More than 150 rallies in Mount Kenya alone” added Kahuria wa Ndorongo.

“He even came in meru, no masks, no distance! This guy is dangerous and had bad intentions in those central rallies… Aende sugoi” quiped yet another netizen.Some however pointed out that DP Ruto was not the only politician flouting Covid-19 guidelines.

With pictures to support their claims, some pointed out that President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga too addressed political gatherings attended by thousands in Kisumu where no social distancing was observed.

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi




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