Mutahi Ngunyi goes too far; tribal Kisii allusions equating Maraga to Embarambamba

Although Mutahi Ngunyi has for a while now distinguished himself as a controversial scholar who isn’t afraid of pushing the limits and spewing epithets that may be deemed unpolished or crude, this time he might have just gone too far.

By now, his drill is well known. In his popular videos which he usually posts on his TV channel, the Fifth Estate, first are usually his young impressionable apprentices. The eager to please ardent followers of Mutahi from the Fort Hall School of government usually begin by saying what their godfather Mutahi Ngunyi intends to communicate for the day. Finally, Mutahi himself will conclude by giving a grand finale presentation.

In his latest presentation which was also aired on K24, it followed the usual routine. However, a young apprentice going by the moniker CS began by saying that Maraga had the heart of a lion, but the brain of an ox. He went on to say that although Maraga may have reached the level of a Chief Justice, deep inside he remained just a villager. As the foul-mouthed CS continued with his disparaging remarks against the former CJ, in the background was a video of the animated and comical musician Embarambamba, doing his muddy antics.

Worth noting is that both Maraga and Embarambamba hail from the same area, and thus, the illustrations on the Fifth Estate program were laden with ethnic undertones.

Mutahi Ngunyi, a former University of Nairobi don announced on his Twitter account on March 20 2019 that the 5th Estate, a political analysis show that is a brainchild of Ngunyi, is now a TV station that has already begun testing on at least two pay TV service providers and one free to air channel.
Mutahi Ngunyi tweeted that the new station was “positive, edifying, and happy” in his announcement that was made on World Happiness Day

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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