Mutahi Ngunyi Exposes DP Ruto’s Secret Agents In ODM Party, Advises Raila To Clean The House

The renowned political Analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has exposed secret agents in the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party he claims are working for Deputy President William Ruto.

According to the outspoken Analyst, President Uhuru Kenyatta is set to support the former Prime Minister for the country’s top seat and the upcoming coalition will only comprise of those trustworthy and loyal to the course.

Ngunyi revealed that Raila’s led party is full of secret agents installed by the Second in Command and the spies are being paid to release the party’s secret information.

“It is very normal for politicians to have spied on their political opponents. It does not necessarily mean that you are evil when you have planted a spy. It is just that some people are better at it than others,” Ngunyi started.

”Even in 2017, Jubilee had a spy right inside the NASA principles. Raila has been in politics for a long time, but he still sees some of these plots when it is too late,” the Analyst added.

”For 2022, the stakes are very high, could be the highest ever in the history of politics. We need loyalists; ODM has too many spies for William Ruto and should be fixed,” Ngunyi asserted.

”Look at the story of Aisha Jumwa from the Coast. She proved to be an insider for William Ruto, something that she had always done. Another one is Mohamed Ali. Look at how it turned out for Raila in Nyali,” he stated.

”It is the broke politicians that become easily confused with money,” he added.

”There are still many more, encroached, just waiting for the right time to stab him. We have seen Wycliff Oparanya meet up privately with DP Ruto. What is that about?” he posed

”These spies believe that the next President of Kenya is William Ruto, and that is the problem; they view Raila as a dictator because of how he runs affairs in the party,” he finalized.

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    Written by Emily Odeny

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