Museveni reveals how he almost led attack on NATO forces; “They had a narrow escape”

Although for some time now, Uganda’s strongman Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has been known to issue quite unusual and unbelievable statements, something he said during his inauguration is certain to scoop top prize when it comes to his memorable quotes.

From his scathing attack on the International Criminal Court (ICC), to blasting same sex relationships, Museveni has over the last couple of years sought to project the image of a true African leader, and defender of the black cause. Thus, it came as no surprise when, on Wednesday, a big portion of his inauguration speech had to do with African Pride, and defence of the African heritage.

In the middle of his sustained attack on Western governments and their organisations, Museveni disclosed that when the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) forces imposed a No-Fly zone on Libya, and later invaded the country, he seriously thought of putting a stop to this, and even spoke to the South African president at the time, Jacob Zuma, about establishing a joint African force to repel NATO forces who he referred to as the “aggressors” of Libya.

He then went on to say that NATO were lucky enough to survive by a “Narrow escape”.

Worth noting is that NATO is the biggest and most lethal military alliance in the world, with fire power of unimaginable levels.

So intimidating has the mere presence of their military been to major super powers across the world, that Russia has adopted the strategy of threatening, and in some extreme cases, actually even invading, its neighbouring countries that show an intention of joining NATO, or engage in cooperative exercises with them.

Georgia, and more recently Ukraine, found themselves on the receiving end of Russian paranoia because of this reason. While Georgia lost a part of its region, Ossetia, Ukraine, also lost a huge part of its territory in the name of Crimea.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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