Musalia Mudavadi; I am sick and tired of always being compared to Raila and Ruto.

It is rare that you see Musalia Mudavadi bemoan anything. He has, over the years, managed to curve the image of a subservient polite gentleman that braves whatever hand life deals him, and suffers quietly without as much as a whimper.
However, it would appear that the former Vice-president might have heard enough, and said just as much over the weekend.
In what is appearing to be an intentional change of tact that is intended to transform him from a gentle and polite politician to a more forceful and abrasive one, his latest outburst comes just days after a spectacle in Machakos, Mulu Mutisya Gardens where he uncharacteristically went after the area governor, Alfred Mutua, mentioning him severally as he taunted him.
Mudavadi made his latest remarks during a brief press conference that was conducted in his office.
“Everyone has his own style of doing politics. Raila Odinga has his style. That is his style. William Ruto has his own style, and that is his. People should stop looking at me through the lens of William Ruto and Raila Odinga. I am Musalia Mudavadi, and this is the problem with Kenyans. They want a stereotype politician. They don’t want a different politician.”
Over time, Mudavadi has come to be known and defined by his brand of politics, which is laid-back, and less combative, something that has earned him the moniker, a safe pair of hands, a moniker he used during his first presidential run in 2007. His style is reminiscent of that by the former president, Mwai Kibaki, who operated in similar fashion, and so much so, that he was known as the gentleman of Kenyan politics.
All this is coming against a backdrop of concerted efforts by his party, alongside Wiper and Ford Kenya, to unite behind single candidates, as they seek to isolate ODM in NASA, and forge their own identity.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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