Murky world of Bungoma politics; the enemy of my enemy is still my enemy- Weta, Didmas, Wangamati

The unwritten rule of politics has always been that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Alliances have been formed on mutual dislikes for a third party, and case in point is the constant tug and pull with the handshake partners. A tactic that ODM lieutenants regularly use to force Uhuru tow the line is the constant and repeated threat of them teaming up with DP Ruto against him.
However, in the county of Bungoma it is a complicated mess, and the above rule doesn’t seem to apply in the intricacies of the power play that is constantly unfolding between different politicians and political parties.


For a while now, Senator Wetangula has been the supremo of Bungoma politics. In 2013, current speaker of the Senate Ken Lusaka was able to clinch the county’s Gubernatorial seat after running on the CORD Coalition which was affiliated to Wetangula. However, in the middle of his term he had a falling out with Wetangula, and even moved to Jubilee and contested for re-election as governor on the party’s ticket. However Wetangula’s onslaught was too strong for him as he lost to Wangamati who was fronted by Wetangula.


However, before Wangamati can complete his term, he has already also had a falling out with his party boss. This fallout has been more spectacular, involving even an attempted coup with governor Wangamati trying to wrestle the party from Wetangula.

Since then, the relationship between the two men has worsened. Enter Didmas Barasa.


Didmas is Ruto’s point man in the area, and is a bitter opponent of Wetangula just like he is a bitter opponent to Wangamati. However, he hasn’t opted for the strategy of teaming up with one against the other. He continues to wage war against both.


He constantly criticises Wetangula and his Ford Kenya party, but things got out of hand when he criticised Wangamati, attracting the wrath of a Wangamati supporter who interrupted his speech and roughed him up.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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