Murkomen; we have informers in the government who leak secrets to us

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator and former Senate Majority Leader who himself was ousted over claims of, among others, disloyalty and subversion, has now come out in an interesting and ironic twist to claim that he and his tanga tanga members are beneficiaries of information coming from disloyal government insiders.

Kipchumba claimed that although most of them have been vanquished from positions of influence and ousted from powerful posts, they are nevertheless privy to information, courtesy of their operatives who are working in government but secretly owe their allegiance to the DP.

He was speaking this on Citizen TV’s weekly show Jeff Koinange Live, which was hosted by Jeff himself. He was scheduled to meet up with Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jnr who ended up being a no-show, much to the disappointment of the viewers.

Touching on a news item about Kalonzo Musyoka who, earlier on in the day, had gone to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, and had his name cleared over claims of having grabbed his Yatta farm, Kipchumba read bias in the style of news reporting.

He said it reeked of mischief that the parts which contained the former Vice-president attacking and criticising Ruto were quite lengthy and given precedence, yet the rejoinder from the deputy president’s camp, which largely consisted of a statement by Mugonyi, was barely allocated a minute.

He then went ahead to claim he had it on good authority that the government had told the management of all media houses to make news in a way that deliberately and completely sidelines the deputy president, and anything to do with him. He claimed that these media bosses had then been threatened that in case they disregarded the order, the government was going to starve them of the funds that they ordinarily get through advertisements run by state organisations.

Ironically, in the past, the Deputy President himself, Dr. William Ruto, has complained, not of being blacked out by the media, but in fact, on the contrary, of the media overly concentrating on him.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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