Murathe, Tuju speaks for the first time, issue explanation for the Juja by-election loss

Jubilee Party Secretary general Raphael Tuju and Deputy chairman David Murathe have for the first time spoken isseing an explanation for the Jubilee party losses in the just concluded by elections.

Speaking to Citizen Television yesterday, the party secretary general Raphael Tuju revealed that the by-election especially in Juja experienced very low voter turn out compared to what was in the general elections.

“Those who have won in the by-elections, a few wards where turnout was very low and the dynamics are completely different with a general election, they have every right to celebrate but we will be back.” Noted Tuju.

Reiterating the same, Jubilee party Deputy Chairman David Murathe wondered why the DP and allies were so jubilant, noting that the turn out was as low as 18 percent with a new setting and dynamics.

This is after Jubilee candidates lost in all the three by elections that took place on Tuesday 18 May 2021, In Juja, PEP’s George Koimburi trounced Susan Waititu after garnering 12,159 votes, against 5,746.

The former Gatanga legislator challenged the DP and allies to walk out of the party so as to duel in little elections, adding that it’s not a must to win in every election you take part in.

“Who says that every time you run an election you have to win it? You go to an election to win or to lose? If Ruto’s allies believe that they are strong enough, let them move out of the Jubilee Party so that we conduct little general elections in their constituencies,” Murathe, who appeared on KTN News dared.

Murathe continued that the President was currently focused on his agenda and would not lose focus for the little losses recently witnessed, adding that the DP and allies will soon be kicked out of the party.

While conceding defeat, SG Tuju noted that “I take responsibility for not performing as well as we have performed in the past.”

Mathira lawmaker Rigathi Gachagua however stated that the will of the people had finally been done, adding that it was a clear mirror of what 2022 would look like.

COTU secretary general Francis Atwoli however cautioned the Jubilee team against blame games, advising them to rather focus on strategizing.

“You can advise and it will be followed or not, so you cannot blame the advisors. There are advisors and those who implement them. But it is too early for the opponents of Uhuru to start celebrating. They will be deceiving themselves,” Atwoli cautioned.

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    Written by Fred Orido




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