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Mumbi Poetry Starts New Chapter With Debut EP

Credits: Ruby Orimba

Kenyan poet and self-published author Mumbi Macharia, also known as Mumbi Poetry, released her debut EP dubbed Libation on Friday, September 17.

Libation is a project consisting of five poems that Mumbi dedicates to her Kenyan heritage. 

Poetry has been a big part of Mumbi’s identity as a self-published author and spoken word artist. The launch of the EP marks a game-changing chapter in her life of art. 

Mumbi says that her the name Libation is inspired by the ritual offering to deities as done by her ancestors. In turn the EP is her offering to those that came before her and left history written in art. 

Libation is a ritual offering to a deity or ancestors. Poetry to me is important because it carries on the tradition of storytelling that was so sacred to our ancestors.

“This being my debut EP, it was only fitting that this be an offering, or libation, to my ancestors who documented their history and culture through poems, stories, music, and all other art forms that they passed on to us. The poems in this project have been written over the years, and contain the poems that have been most monumental throughout my growth as an artist.” 

Mumbi is an award-winning poet who has caused ripples in the world of poetry. The release of her debut EP is the first step for her as she begins a new journey in her artistry of storytelling through contemporary and modern medium of art. 

Mumbi’s launch culminated on Sunday 19th September when she hosted Mumbi & Friends, a small get together of artists and art lovers at the Lava Latte along State House Road.

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