Mulama; the only thing Ruto and his poor supporters have in common is they don’t pay taxes

In a scathing attack against the deputy president Dr. William Ruto, and which based its findings largely on the exposé of the DP’s wealth that was released by the Cabinet Secretary for Interior Dr. Fred Matiang’I when he appeared before parliament last week, Brian Mulama controversially declared that both the DP and a bulk of his supporters don’t pay taxes.

Going further to explain properly what he meant, he said that considering the list of properties that the Interior CS had outlined, on top of which the deputy president himself also came out to add, it was clear that the DP qualified to be among some of the biggest taxpayers yet wasn’t paying. Contrasting this with his numerous supporters, Brian said that most of them were broke and unemployed, and so just like their leader, they too weren’t paying taxes. He noted the irony in it that, while Ruto was purposely avoiding to pay tax through illegal means borne out of greed, his supporters weren’t paying because they couldn’t.

Brian Mulama is a member of the Amani National Congress party and an official of the party too.
He was speaking on Radio Jambo’s weekly political show Mazungumzo Wazi Wazi which is hosted by Bramwell Mwololo. Others on the show included the Deputy President’s avid supporter and self-confessed Hustler Nation member, Gerald Bitok, political and economic analyst James Mwangi, and lawyer cum activist Brian Weke.

Giving the example of France, Mulama suggested that we should perhaps follow the country’s example whereby if you don’t pay tax, then you aren’t allowed to even vote. Adopting a more extreme stand, he suggested that anyone who isn’t tax compliant should not even be allowed to vie for public office, arguing that it’s only through such laws that people could be made fiscally accountable.

In a quick rejoinder, Gerald Bitok asked him to provide evidence that the DP hadn’t been paying taxes, and in a heated exchange, warned Mulama, swearing that had he been the Deputy President, he would have taken him to court for slander.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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