Mudavadi tells Ruto, Raila to forget his backing

Amani National Congress Party Leader Musalia Mudavadi has said that he is ready to face it out with anyone going for the presidency in next year’s general election.

Maintaining that his presidential bid has no reverse gear, Mudavadi said he is set and prepared to meet both Deputy President William Ruto and ODM leader Raila Odinga in the ballot come August, 2022.

The declaration gives a clear indication that the Amani leader is not going to play second fiddle to any of the politicians amidst speculations and calls from quarters for him to support either Dr Ruto or Raila.

Speaking during a live radio Inooro FM interview, Mudavadi affirmed that it is all systems go for his presidential bid and remained open to working with any leader but not playing deputy to any.

“I have experience and the ticket from my party to vie for the presidency in next year’s elections. Anything short of that is not within my making. We have played second to others in previous elections and time has come for us to now captain the ship,” he said.

He added: “I have been in Government for some time. I have held several ministerial positions before. This is the path of my political and Cabinet experience in matters of government and how things are run. The experience I have garnered now informs my decision to form the coming government next year.”

The Amani leader Musalia Mudavadi has also not ruled out the possibility and likelihood that he might consider choosing a running mate from the larger Mt Kenya region. Mudavadi said Mt Kenya people are experienced politically given the number of times they have produced presidents for our country and going by the political history of the region they cannot be ignored in the 2022 succession matrix.

“There’s a lot of experience in the region. They are people who love doing business and can contribute a lot to the economy and the nation. So, I’m not saying no, there’s a possibility. I will continue persuading them to support my bid, since from the look of things there is no strong Presidential Candidate from Mt Kenya this time round as we speak now” Said Mudavadi.

Calling on Kenyans to elect leaders of integrity, Mudavadi said the country has been on a wrong trajectory and time has come for the citizens to vote in leaders based on the ideals and values they stand for and not on tribal lenses.

“What is the face behind the name of a leader you want to vote in as your President? Is he angry, a thief or corrupt? If you elect an angry leader, he will administer in anger and when he administers in anger, he will hurt the ordinary citizens,” he quoted.

In a response to a call made last week by Nandi Governor Stephen Sang’ to support Ruto and not Raila, Mudavadi said the two political leaders have been part of the Jubilee administration and failed to correct the economic ills that have hit the country.

“Ruto has been in this government now for nine years where he took part in formulating policies that have worked against the people of Kenya. What new thing is he going to do to make the economy work that he has not done? Kenyans don’t need economic models but realistic solutions and answers,” he said.

He added: “Raila joined the government three years ago through the handshake. Despite the move cooling the political temperatures, he has not helped the President shape the economy, actually the economy dived more. So, what new thing is he going to do differently?”

At the same time, Mudavadi has called on the deputy president to resign if he feels his relation with President Uhuru Kenyatta has hit rock bottom.

Mudavadi said in the history of Kenyan politics, this is the only time when a deputy president has openly differed with his boss and still remained in office instead of resigning.

“We are astonished at the level of disrespect from the DP’s office and his allies directed at the president and his office,” said Mudavadi adding, “Let him resign and he can then comfortably criticize the presidency but as it is now, he should accept credit where it is due and accept the failures of the government where he is a principal as the deputy president. He can’t have his cake and eat it.”

Separately, the ANC leader has called on the Government to adequately fund the electoral agency for it to be able to carry out its mandate effectively.

Musalia said the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) is a key player in the electoral process that will play a big role in the country having peace before, during and after the elections and it is mandated to ensure fair and transparent polls.

“We need to ensure the electoral commission is well funded to carry out free, fair and credible elections. It must be well resourced with human capital and technology,” he said.
Mudavadi called on players in the electoral process such as political parties and politicians to stop discrediting the IEBC, for doing so amounts to planting seeds of suspect outcomes.

“The State must guarantee the independence of IEBC and should be insulated from external interference. All electoral laws should be reviewed with a view to ensure and guarantee accountability,” he said.

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