Mudavadi: BBI was for the political elite, not mwananchi.


Amani National leader Musalia Mudavadi has trash the BBI initiative that was nullified at the Court of Appeal on Friday.

Mudavadi, who spoke during a church service in Ngong on Sunday said the initiative was a waste of time and money and didn’t demonstrate how the common man and woman will benefit.

He further blamed the BBI frontiers led by Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga for refusing to listen to other people’s view and politicizing the push to review the constitution.

“Unless everyone is involved, it will be a political elite document and not one that addresses challenges facing Mwananchi,” said Mudavadi.

“We have spent resources over the last three years, talking about this thing, refusing to listen to each other and making it a one man thing, and now the court has stopped it,” he added.

During the BBI draft at the Bomas of Kenya, Mudavadi said he had warned of a possibility of its collapse should it fail to accommadate all kenya, hence, calling for an all-inclusive society that will benefit of Kenyans.

“I said that if we are engaging in a conversation of this nature, unless we are pulling everyone together, we are going to have a difficulty and the documents will turn out to be a political elite document,” he said.

He called on the government’s to shift its focus on job creation and strengthening the economy of the country.

A seven- judge panel on Friday upheld the High Court ruling that BBI is null and void and its processes were unconstitutional.

In a majority decision, six of the seven judge bench, headed by the court’s President Daniel Musinga tore the BBI process, declaring several stages and actions unconstitutional and lawful.

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    Written by Pauline Nabwire

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