Mudavadi backtracks; now changes hard stance on never working with Raila again

Over the weekend, ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi engaged his followers in a dizzying ping-pong game. With unconfirmed reports indicating that a furious and angry Uhuru Kenyatta has developed a no-nonsense approach following his embarrassing defeat in Kiambaa, and ordered NASA to immediately find a way of working together, the effects seem to be now emerging.

Uhuru, who is reported to have emphasised on the importance of working together if they are to defeat the DP in next year’s polls, has been advocating for a more united and coordinated team to face the DP.

Mudavadi who was speaking in Nyeri County where he had gone for a tour to popularise himself ahead of his 2022 presidential run, revealed to his audience that there is currently a reconciliation team in place to try and resolve the ongoing issues that threaten to split NASA.

He disclosed that a taskforce, which is under the command of former Vice-president Kalonzo Musyoka, is working round the clock to try and find a solution to the problems bedeviling the opposition outfit.

In what is a clear change of stance from his earlier extreme position where he swore never to work with Raila again, Mudavadi said the team was working on ways to rebuild trust among the party’s members. Although sounding reconciliatory, the former Deputy Prime Minister emphasised on the point that it is clear there’s a deficit of trust in NASA. He added that even in the event a working arrangement is found, a reunion would still have to be based on one’s ideologies. Mudavadi asserted that any future partner with who he decides to work with, would have to outline his or her position on important issues such as the economy, and the fight against corruption.

The Nairobi Senator who accompanied the ANC leader, Johnson Sakaja, told the people in Nyeri that although he is in Jubilee, it was clear that there’s trouble in the party as evidenced by the current ongoing events. He said that because of this, it is important the party looks for new friends, and Mudavadi is so far the best bet.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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