Mount Kenya Tycoons Set Announce Uhuru’s Preferred Presidential Candidate In Limuru Next Month

The Mt Kenya Foundation is doing all that it can to ensure that it’s decision on the best person to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta is accepted by all leaders from Central Kenya, it has emerged.

The group is expected to next month convene a meeting in Limuru, where it will announce who it has settled on as the best next president, after hosting some of the leading presidential aspirants.

But it now emerges that the group is handling the meeting issue with care, aware that it must be attended by most of the leaders from the region if not all, for the declaration to be seen as credible.

It is keen on ensuring that the date of the declaration is agreed upon by all the parties, having detected that not doing this will result in other groups also making their own announcements, resulting in a fallout.

As a result, according to insiders, Uhuru, who is considered the leader of the Mt Kenya region, has been handed the job of picking the date, which the team hopes will encourage all parties to attend.

“The most critical point is that the foundation and the political leadership are in talks to consolidate the programme,” an insider told The Star.

“There are ongoing consultations between the foundation, the political leadership from Mt Kenya region and the President to set a specific date for the summit,” another source, a member of MKF, said.

The paper was told that the meeting is expected to bring together members of the MKF, select delegates from the region and the diaspora county of Nakuru, key political leaders and the President himself.

Professionals, business people and religious leaders are also expected to attend the meeting expected to be held mid next month, where the MKF hopes to give Mt Kenya the direction to take going forward.

Among those pushing for Uhuru to pick the date is Kieni MP Kanini Kega, who holds that being the leader of the region, the honour should be his.

The MKF is famed for its financial muscles that have enabled it to successfully influence presidential elections since 2007. It is reported to have settled on ODM leader Raila Odinga as it’s preffered next leader.

But the foundation’s leadership has denied already having a name in mind, saying that consultations are ongoing.

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