Motorcycle Maker, ReVolt Electric From US Plans To Set Up Factory In Kenya

US-based motorcycle maker ReVolt Electric has hired an industrial design firm to prepare architectural drawings for its planned Kenyan manufacturing facility.

This follows a feasibility finding that showed the African market was ripe for their kind of business and motorcycling is taking shape at a faster rate in.

The industrial design firm has been tasked with developing plans for the mass production of ReVolt Electric Motorcycles. The purview includes addressing the design of the ReVolt Electric Motorcycle itself.

The long-term object of ReVolt Electric Motorbikes is to become a leader in the production of electric motorbikes as daily drivers in the developing economic regions of the world were motorcycles, scooters and mopeds are the primary mode of transportation. The current global market for motorcycles, scooters and mopeds is approximately 130 million units per year resulting in $120 billion in annual sales. As per capita income in developing economic regions continues to improve, motorcycle, scooter and moped sales are correspondingly expected to grow. Global automobile sales in 2018 is expected to reach just 80 million units.

ALYI said it had signed a letter of intent (LoI) with Kenyan and European-based partners for its new investment aiming at building partnerships with well-known existing brand name outfits that can contribute to building investment community interest and demand.

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    Written by Albert




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