Moses Kuria’s personal appeal to IMF over lendings to Kenya backfires

Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria yesterday made a personal appeal to the International lending body the IMF asking for a change in the model of lending to the Country.

Taking to social media Kuria thanked the financial heavyweight for the good job they do, thereby asking them to substitute the money with 25 Million Covid-19 jabs to vaccinate the over age 18 years old population.

 The Tanga Tanga lawmaker also took time to caution them against doing the hard cash and instead vouched for the bill of lading for picking the vaccines.

“Dear IMF. We really appreciate your good intentions to lend money to us. But let us change the model just a bit. We need you to lend us 25 Million Covid-19 jabs at our buying price of $7 each which is $175 Million or Ksh 18 Billion only. This will be sufficient to vaccinate all Kenyans above the age of 18. But give us the jabs not the money because we will steal the money. Send us the bill of lading we go pick the vaccines ourselves” Wrote Moses Kuria.

His words were however not taken kindly with a number of friends jabbing back at him being a sitting member of parliament with powers.

“But at the end, you will hoard the vaccines and later resale to Kenyans at a higher profit.,MK stop behaving as if you’re a Saint, please sip your Konyagi without hurry.”Danson Mgenge Munga.

“Thank you Moses Kuria for confirming that you will steal the Money if given By IMF… And that has been our worry..” Wrote Kipkorir Mutai.

“Yes of course we understand you are in business and in business ‘terms are profit….. continue milking us once the milk dries up or done kukamua go to.”Said Simon Gichia.

“Your company was given a contract to build Bomet University which you never finished, that money was also borrowed money .” Moses Maina.

“Boss don’t waste our time…you are a sitting member of parliament..can take a petition to parliament…don’t complain on social media…” Opined Karim Joseph.

“A certified 2nd thief from Gatundu will misuse the money, preside over 2 billion loss of the same money, and then go to explain the same in a vernacular media house.”Omwami Nganga.

“IMF should now listen hearing that from the horse’s mouth, that’s our leader who doesn’t even trust themselves not to steal “Wilson Waithaka G.

“We still remember donations from Jack Ma were stolen and sold within and outside Kenya. So MK sioni sense hapo na si kwa ubaya.”Davie Nudbia.

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    Written by Fred Orido




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