Moses Kuria’s attacks on Raila over misuse of power backfires

For yet another time, Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has slammed ODM Party leader Raila Odinga, accusing him of championing impunity using borrowed powers.

Using a section of headlines from two of Kenya’s leading newspapers that both had the ODM party leader’s name making the headlines, Kuria wondered how the situation would be if Odinga was the one in power.

“If Raila Odinga behaves with such impunity from power he has borrowed or rented from Uhuru Kenyatta, what about if he was in power himself #BrotherhoodofDespots” Kuria wrote.

However, Kenyans were quick to read through his lies, with some labbeling him as the godfather of impunity as captured below.

Mohamed Roba: It’s only men of substance who borrows or rent elected power. I am glad that President admit that the Jubilee government performs well in its second term.

David Mumo: Which impunity? Appeal a court Decision section of kenyans didn’t agree with? This is a democratic state with free basic education

Sultan Adams Adema: You remember one time in parliament you advocated for more tear gas on hustlers simply because of electoral injustice and your nebuchadnezzar saying how nasa is a militia ?? Its your turn now.

Jacky Opole: Mheshimiwa anyone in this failed government isn’t fit to lead at any position you included sir!!!

Jak’omanyo Onyango Dismas: It was about Building Bridges. The bridges you had contributed in demolishing. Raila values peace while your President wants the constitution.

Martin Wainaina: Use Wanjiku to destroy Wanjiku, that is the code used in UDA camp by the owner of the party. Let us use their own people to destroy them. Where on earth are elders fought in their zones? How come other communities are quite? For once the Kikuyus are happily annihilating themselves into oblivion and this is for their benefit. Most bloggers used to destroy our people are from those other communities, they can’t do that to their community leaders but we have hired them to destroy us.

Injendi Wa Injendi: Your hatred towards him always stands at 100%….Raila can be a good leader rather than all of you hyenas. Ruto that you are supporting is in the government at his second term what has he done!!, he is only trying to show us that his hands are tied and he can do better if given a chance!!!! Mshenzi sana!!!!!!…..

Jane N. Kinuthia: And what about you? You disrespect and insult everyone. You harassed an insulted a woman parliamentary candidate in Juja by election. What pray, would become of you, women, were you to be in a higher authority.

Charuthi Wanjru: Challenge that in court my friend. Kenya is a democracy. Raila leads over 10 million Kenyans.God is for us all.when the high court ruled in your favour, you said there’s God in heaven.When the court of appeal rules in favour of those who want change, He will still be God.BBI has its benefits for many.Whoever wins,Kenya wins.If its bad,we will still continue with the debate, and if not us,generations to come will.Tuambiane ukweli.


Omusolo Omusolo: There was a time you were also drunk with power borrowed from uhuru Kenyatta….you remember impossed the fuel tax bill!!?? Infact you were lively interviewed …you never cared about us… You swallow the bitter pie  and life continues… Allaaa

Pato British Moh: It’s 5 o’clock in the morning Moses, why let Raila ruin your morning glory. Leave him alone, if he were to be the president that would have happened long time ago.

Davie Frank: Day in day out my Kikuyus brothers are opening eyes, to see the impunity in you guys….Thank You Raila for coming to rescue son of Jomo from the hands of this Conmans…

Laurels Mkweli: I also wonder when one Moses kuria became a saint, We got all clips and audios of 2013 when you were behaving as if uhuru was your biological mother, Internet never forgets.

Eliakim Amanga: You have a sleepless night dreaming about the Adonija? I’m surprised with your low thinking capacity you are trying to insite Kenyans!

Douglas Kayo Obare: Where is impunity here? TangaTanga paid people to go to court stop BBI ..turnish Raila Odinga and President Uhuru’s name. They appealed to a court you did not influence. I see no impunity there

After all you Kurias and the TangaTanga brigade acted with impunity by paying people to stop a popular initiative

Puot Tap Riak: If Raila wasn’t a politician, you would be nothing in your backyard.

You ride on his name to thrive in Central Kenya.

Al Bert: The better question is, if Moses Kuria had the powers how would he behave alongside his patron in Tangatanga? You are the real faces of impunity. Turn coats

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi

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