Moses Kuria Lifts The Lid On How State House Bribed Them to Shut Up

Vocal Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria has finally opened up revealing how legislators were always summoned at the Statehouse and given goodies to turn a blind eye on issues.

Speaking yesterday Tuesday September 7, 2021 during Citizen TV’s News night the lawmaker stated that the very meetings would coincide with Parliamentary debates on the country’s annual budget.

He continued that during the meetings, the Members of Parliament him included would be showered with goodies and ordered to just pass the budget the way it is.

The Deputy President William Ruto’s ardent supporter blamed the Country’s ever ballooning foreign debt on their failure on their oversight duties.

“Since 2014 until last year when I was unceremoniously kicked out, I was a member of the budget committee, so I was privy to a lot of things that were happening in this country since 2014. I know that Kenyans would have expected me to play an oversight role that would have prevented those things from happening.”

“What used to happen is that every year before we pass the budget, we would be called to state house, both members of Jubilee and NASA (National Super Alliance) led by ODM chair, John Mbadi, and we would be given goodies for our constituencies and we would be told ‘shut up and go and pass everything the way it is,” stated Kuria.

The outspoken lawmaker was defending a startling statement he made in 2019 arguing that the government as well as Parliament had continuously lied to the tax payers about the Country’s debt for the past seven years.

He added that he finally decided to lift the lid so as to clear his conscience before the Kenyans who were toiling day and night to pay their taxes.

”We have lied to Kenyans and second thing is we have failed in our oversight responsibility. Since 2014, we have sold to Kenyans this romantic story that all is well because we believed in respecting the Executive and also since most of us are members of the ruling party.”

“The reason we are in this hole is because as Parliament, we could have said No but we said Yes. So on behalf of Parliament, I want to offer my unqualified apology to the people of this nation since as the people they trusted on the ballot we have failed them by selling them lies that everything is well,” claimed Kuria at the time.

This comes at a time when the taxpayers are stretched thin with Country’s total debt standing at Ksh7.7 trillion with estimations from the Central Bank of Kenya as well as the National Treasury indicating that the country had acquired Ksh1 trillion in a period of 12 months as of July 2021.

From the total figure, the country’s external debt crossed Ksh4 trillion by June 2021, while domestic debt stood at Ksh3.7 trillion, a trend that continues to worry many.

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    Written by Fred Orido

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