Moses Kuria Challenges DP Ruto, Raila With Detailed Statement Ahead Of 2022

The outspoken Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria is once again at it explaining his new Chama Cha Kazi work plan on how to rescue the Country from the ever ballooning debt burden and making it better ahead of the 2022 polls.

In his practical and realistic plan, Kuria challenged each and every party wanting to succeed Jubilee to also present plan for eliminating the current public debt standing at 6 Trillion shillings.

“In this season of high politics, remember we will not start a new country from the scratch. We will continue collecting Ksh 2.6 Trillion in tax revenues, spending 1.5 Trillion in salaries, 1 Trillion in debt servicing and the balance Ksh 100 Billion in Pensions.

Without borrowing we will not have a single penny for development. Any candidate or party presenting an economic model MUST start by presenting to you a solid plan for eliminating the Ksh 6 Trillion Public Debt. Short of that they will be taking you for a ride.

Chama Cha Kazi will push for sale of GoK stakes in strategic parastatals like Kenya Ports Authority, Kenya Airports Authority, Kenya Pipeline, Kenya Railways, Kenya Power, KENGEN and minority stakes in KCB Bank and Safaricom to offset the Ksh 6 Trillion debt.

We will also push for international auctions of all mining and oil exploration concessions including Mrima Hils Rare Earth deposits in Kwale to further pay off our debts.

Chama Cha Kazi will promote a Golden Handshake programme to convert 500,000 civil Servants into 500,000 SME enterprises and convert their send off package into a non repayable start up capital to be administered through the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Finally, Chama Cha Kazi will push for a 5 year tax holiday to any majority indigenous Kenyan owned company with real operational presence in at least 10 countries in order to make Kenyan companies dominant and competitive away from home. That is us. Now ask the others for their PRACTICAL and REALISTIC Plans not empty economic rhetoric” Wrote Moses Kuria.

Following his move Kenyans also took online camping on his post while giving their views on his model challenging other leaders as below.

Festo Murithi WA Kaberia

Hapa unatafuta support ya kifedha kwa private sector.All we need is fully functioning public institutions.Fully owned by the government. The culture of guilotining public institutions in order to privatise them MUST stop.In Rwanda for instance,private schools are closing down simply because public schools offer quality services,all because of great accountability demanded by their government.Stop leading your people to dangerous extremes of capitalism Moses.ACCOUNTABILITY is the key word that should be at the centre of any manifesto that wishes to liberate Kenya from the york of debts.More auctions,more acquisitions of government stakes by private sector spells more slavery to WANJIKU!
Justus Kiage

These are exactly the irreducible minimums that NASA once wanted a round table dialogue with Jubilee in 2015,2016.
All you’ve wrote are not different from what Raila has ever been saying since the grand coalition govt.
Nwy, you make sense. Not the perennial liar with his baseless bottom up approach that even the mama mbogas don’t understand.
Stycie Waweru 

I am a toddler on serious economic matters like addressing the trillions in debt but am curious to know how you plan to implement this economic blueprint when your party is not going for the top seat? You have also said that you won’t be vying for any seat next year. Are you saying that, your army in parliament will push to have these ideas implemented by the coming HustlerNation govt? Otherwise, I wish you good luck njamba ya ruriri. 😂
Laktar Stalwart Jakadibo

Which kind of party is this ,auctioning Govt shares in key strategic parastatals like KENGEN is a complete derogation of our economy
We all know how Golden Handshake brought pain and anguish to civil servants who were retrenched in duress
Those plans aren’t for the good of the economy but for the betterment of few rich Kenyans as the very poor continues to suffer.
Jasan Mbuthia

Good on paper but are some of the proposals practical. The last time we had golden handshake for Civil servants led to high poverty levels and early death for those who took the lumpsum for majority had no idea how to survive juakali. Note many Kenyans are ready to part with as much as half a million to secure govt job as witnessed in the scandals that have been reported in the past at recruitments. Its called job security. U don’t want to send Kenyans to their early death.Just halt new recruitment unless those of essential workers or where filling up shortages/deficit.

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    Written by Fred Orido

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