Moi’s Grandson DNA Tests Results Are Out

Former President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi’s grandson Collins Kibet Moi is the biological father of the two children sired by Baringo woman cum politician.

This is after the DNA results came out, and positively confirmed that he, Kibet sired the two children, a boy and girl with the politician Gladys Jeruto Tagi.

The case of the children has been the centre of attention after the mother Gladys Jeruto sued Collins Kibet for neglecting his parental duties, and abandoning his children by not providing for them.

According the the Daily Nation publication, the DNA results came out positive with a 99.9% probability that Collins Kibet Moi sired Gladys Jeruto’s son and daughter.

“The children exhibit a compatible obligatory paternal allelic profile with that of Collins Toroitich Moi,” read the report.

The former MCA aspirant accused Kibet of neglecting his paternal duties, forcing her to seek the court’s intervention early this year in April. She told the court that Kibet never took any paternal responsibility despite being a well-off businessman, a thing Kibet constantly refutes.

Glady’s noted that she could no longer fully and comfortably provide for the two young ones due to thinly stretched resources against their ever ballooning needs.

“I am currently unable to provide for the children alone as the needs are so many and would need to be assisted,” she stated.

She added that her attempts to reach the former head of State’s grandson had proved futile as he was constantly unreachable through his provided contacts, an indication that he had been blocked.

According to Gladys Tagi, the two had been living together under one roof and were blessed with their two children a boy and a girl, until they got separated in the year 2012.

Reports from the court papers for her suit, indicated that she needs Ksh1 million monthly upkeep for the children’s basic needs, school fees, and other incidental needs.

Kibet had however disputed siring the two children prompting a DNA test to be conducted on them in order to ascertain whether he was the biological father or not.

He had also been accused of disobeying court orders in the civil suit by skipping proceedings on numerous occasions. But would later, present himself for extraction of samples for the DNA analysis.

He was later released by Baringo Senior Resident Magistrate, Benjamin Limo, on a Ksh100,000 bond on contempt of court charges for skipping appearances and proceedings.

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    Written by Fred Orido

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