Mohamud Bashir puzzle; slain businessman or Kenyan secret agent? Allegations of political espionage emerge

As a shell shocked country still struggles to come to terms with the disappearance and subsequent death of Somali-American businessman Mohamud Bashir Mohammed whose body was discovered at Kerugoya Level 5 hospital mortuary in Kirinyaga, fresh and upsetting allegations are now emerging in the wake of his death. With this, has come the mention of a controversial name, Abdirashid Janan, a name synonymous with Kenya-Somalia covert operations.

Bashir’s body was found on Saturday last week on the banks of River Nyamidi in Kirinyaga County. It had deep panga cut wounds in the head and two bullet wounds on the head. Blood was also oozing from the mouth and nose.

Mohamud Bashir Mohammed hailed from Belad Hawa in Somalia, and claims are now emerging that he was involved in the political standoff that has ravaged the area for decades. His family, through their lawyer, Alibaya Hassan, has denied these claims, saying that their kin was neither involved in the political conflict in Belad Hawa, fraudulent financial activities, or terrorism.


Worth noting is that although the conflict in Belad Hawa has unfolded for decades now, it has morphed into something different over the years, pulling in even Kenya, and senior government officials.

When the conflict began around twenty years ago, it was simply between the Somali National Front (SNF) backed by Ethiopia, and the Islamic radical group, Al Itihad al Islami. This was the beginning of foreign governments influence in the region.


Over the years, however, the conflict has taken a different turn, and turned into an armed face-off between the Somalia Federal Government troops and wanted former Jubaland Security Minister, Abdirashid Janan’s forces.

Over the years, there have been claims by Somalia and also Mandera County, accusing the Kenya government of giving room to the fugitive minister with armed troops that operate in Kenya.


The mention of Mohamud Bashir Mohammed’s involvement in the conflict now raises questions as to whether he part of the alleged Kenyan role in the war.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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